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It is important to know that you can decrease your home electricity bills when you install a newer energy-efficient system! Smart Air Austin is here to help you make the AC installation process smoother. Our technicians are here to recommend the AC unit that better fits your needs and helps you get it installed properly and at the right cost. Installing an air conditioning unit can get very complex but it is less time consuming and not as expensive as people usually think.  No matter what type of AC equipment you get, if you don’t get it installed the right way it will not provide the comfort you want.

Let Our Austin Professionals Install Your AC

Smart Air Service Co. in Austin can get the job done right and at a reasonable price. Depending on the type of unit of air conditioning you get, the installation process will vary in both price and time it takes to get it installed. We provide multiple technicians to make sure the installation process is completed within a reasonable amount of time and that you receive a quality service. With our NATE certified technicians, you can be assured that the AC installation provided will be a premium one and you will receive the comfort you are expecting. Check out our HVAC funding options and HVAC coupons and promotions to see what we are currently offering.

Austin, You Need AC Installation Services

Summer should be a time of relaxation and comfort. Installing an air conditioning unit is a sure way to keep the heat at bay, while enjoying the coolness inside. We recommend planning ahead. New units should be installed before the summer heat hits to ensure that the air conditioner is working properly. Having your HVAC system serviced or checked for maintenance in the fall seems a bit odd, but it gets it ready for when the warm weather comes. In Texas, that could be anytime though, so always be prepared to keep the fun going. Smart Air can give advice and price quotes for an installation or service call.

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