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Is Replacing Ductwork in the House Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why

Ductwork is a vital component of your home’s comfort, air quality, and energy consumption. You should replace old ductwork as soon as possible to maintain the performance of your HVAC.

Ductwork is like a highway for air throughout your home. It takes air from your house, heats or cools it according to the settings, and sends it back through the vents. Air ducts are an essential part of your home’s ventilation system; the HVAC can't transport air without them. However, about 25% of the air in your ductwork is lost due to leaks and poorly fitted ducts.

Replacing old ductwork will increase the efficiency of your system. Efficient ductwork service makes the air cleaner and the HVAC system quieter.

You might have questions like when should I replace my ductwork, or should ductwork be replaced after 20 years?

Not to worry, we have your back!

A professional technician can help maintain, repair, and replace your ductwork. The air ducts need as much attention, maintenance, repairs, and replacement as your HVAC system. If the ductwork is poorly connected or has multiple holes, the air pressure in the vents is lost. This article will cover the details around replacing ductwork in the attic and address questions like when to replace ductwork for your HVAC furnace.

 New ducts are clean and promote effective airflow through the vents

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Ductwork?

The average cost to replace ductwork is around $285 per duct run.

The overall cost is based on the number of HVAC duct runs to be replaced, the length of each run, type, and size of the replacement ductwork. When solid ducts in walls and ceilings must be replaced, the cost can rise per run, whereas the cost to replace ductwork in crawl space is lower as fewer ducts are required.

The most typical duct replacement cost ranges between $175 and $400 per duct. Total cost estimation includes factors such as the removal of old ductwork, installation of the new flexible or metal duct, labor costs, and disposal of old materials.

How Long Does Ductwork Last?

Ductwork is designed to last an average of 10-15 years before showing any signs of deterioration. Many home builders choose low-quality materials for their accessibility instead of focusing on longevity. If that’s your case, make sure to schedule routine preventative maintenance and ductwork cleaning; this can help you extend the timeframe.

6 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Ductwork

Here are some common signs to look for that may indicate you need to get your air duct replaced:

High Utility Bills

If your utility bills have spiked, you may be losing energy through leaks and holes in the ductwork. HVAC professionals can identify the leaks and fix the problem in no time. If the damage got worse, you may have to get new ducts.

Poor Airflow 

Damaged, old, filthy, or clogged ductwork will deplete the airflow in your HVAC system. The efficiency of the system decreases, and when that happens, it can no longer cool or heat the air. Replacing old ductwork can help enhance the airflow in the ducts.

Noisy Operation

Some obvious signs escape the eye. Noisy ducts are usually a very good indication of a problem. Look out for odd noises from the ducts, you may have to repair or even replace them.

Smelling Mold & Mildew In Your House

Mold and mildew problems are caused by poorly connected or imperfectly insulated ducts. Inspect and change your ducts right away if you smell mold in your house.

Uneven Heating or Cooling

You may notice that one or more rooms feel warmer or cooler compared to the rest of the house. This could be due to faulty ductwork that doesn’t transport enough air to certain parts of your home.

Dusty Home

If you see too much dust in your house, damaged ductwork might be the problem. Replacing the ducts in the attic can help you get rid of it.

How Often Should AC Ducts Be Replaced?

If you observe any signs of deterioration or if the ducts in your home are over 15 years old, don't wait around too long - get new ducts immediately! Waiting too long to replace your ductwork can lead to serious issues with your HVAC unit like gaps in the ducts, pest infiltration, or even collapsing sections of ductwork.

If your ductwork has holes and gaps in it or is clogged with dust and debris, your HVAC unit will operate in overdrive to properly cool your home. That can lead to overheating and premature breakdowns.

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