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Why Is My AC Unit Freezing Up? Find The Most Common Causes Here

Many people wonder “why is my AC unit freezing up?” There are several issues that might be causing all the trouble here. Knowing what’s wrong with your system can help you better resolve these issues.

Nothing can be compared to the agony brought by the blistering heat in the summers. Well, at least you have your air conditioner unit to make things nicer for you. However, if you've got a frozen AC unit, your troubles will only add up. You should never delay seeking help from a reliable heating service company near you, but you first need to ask yourself “how do I keep my air conditioner from freezing up?” 

First things first, let’s begin with understanding why an AC unit might be freezing up, and then we'll move on to what to do when your AC unit freezes up inside. If the air conditioner coils are freezing, then there are probably some issues with the integral components of your AC unit.

In this article, we have shared insights based on our experience with such cases.

Frozen Air Conditioner: What Are The Signs To Look For?

You won’t end up with a frozen air conditioner all of a sudden, it usually happens in stages, and it is important to understand the progression to be able to deal with the problem. Once you notice that your AC coil is freezing up, it will continue to deteriorate unless you do something about it. The same can be said for ice on the refrigerant/compressor pipe which will grow eventually, and it's even worse if you see frozen air conditioner parts. Many people also fail to realize that condensate deposition is also among the early-stage symptoms of ice on AC units.

What Causes An Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

Now comes the part where we see what causes the air conditioner to freeze up generally; throughout the years, we have been called over numerous times to fix frozen home HVAC units and have identified three major causes of why this happens:

Low Airflow

If you’re wondering “why is my AC unit freezing up,” perhaps it’s the way that your split unit is positioned. If it is poorly ventilated, for instance, there will be no hot air coming through the pipes, making it inevitable for the freons to freeze the pipes. Frosts can also be caused if there is an issue with the ventilation fan or if the filters are dusty, both of which can affect ventilation.

Low Refrigerant

If the coolant or refrigerant runs low in the system, it can cause the condensate to freeze up in the pipes. For most people who frantically search for “what causes an AC unit to freeze up” on the internet, this is why it happens. If this is the case with your system, you should seek immediate help from a professional heating and cooling team.

Low Drainage

Lastly, among the things mentioned here is drainage. An AC unit will freeze up if the drainage is somehow obstructed, leaving the condensate trapped within and eventually frozen. This happens if the fan motor is not working properly or if there is some obstruction in the drainage pipes. 

Close-up on a frozen AC unit pipe with ice covering much of its length; needs immediate attention

How to Stop AC from Freezing

You can always keep bad things from happening in the first place through regular maintenance, but the best way to correct an outside AC unit frozen is to call over professionals who understand the problem and have a working knowledge of the appliances in question. If you know what causes AC to freeze, figuring out how to stop AC from freezing should not be hard. Here are two important things to consider:

Regular Filter Replacement

Most people who complain about "why does the air conditioner freeze up” have issues with their HVAC unit’s filters. Proper maintenance and cleaning can improve the longevity of the filters, but you will also have to replace them from time to time for optimal performance.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

You don’t have to worry about how to fix a frozen AC unit so often if you know how to nip the troubles in the bud through preventive maintenance plans with professional contractors. Regular maintenance checks for your appliances is a must as it will give you an idea of what is to be replaced or repaired.

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