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Wondering “Why Won't My Furnace Turn On?” Here Are The Common Reasons

If you’re wondering “why won't my furnace turn on," we've explored all the common causes in our newest article. Smart Air Cooling and Heating offers reliable services in Austin and beyond.

If you’re worried about a household furnace not turning on, seeking timely help from a trusted heating service near you can save you lots of trouble, but you’re also probably curious as to why your furnace won't turn on. You’ve turned the heater switch on, but the furnace won't kick on, and your patience is reaching its limit. No need to panic or lose it – perhaps there’s nothing wrong with your furnace (although you shouldn’t count on it). A thorough diagnosis will tell you what’s going on.

In this article, we’ll share our insights about the matter – this is based on the common problems that Smart Air Cooling and Heating has fixed for our clients.

What Are the Common Reasons Why Furnace Won't Turn On?

If you’ve been googling “why won't my heat turn on” or “why won't my furnace turn on,” you probably need to understand the actual issues bothering your furnace. Is your HVAC blower system or gas/electric furnace not kicking on when the temp drops? Some of the most common issues in this regard are tripped circuit breakers, issues with the thermostat settings, dirty (often blocked) oven filters, issues with the pilot light, non-functional fan motor, or problems with the stove ignition switch.

A professional from Smart Air Cooling and Heating is busy fixing a furnace that won't turn on

If you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with the system, you can start eliminating issues on the list to get to the main culprit.

But then comes the part where you need to get things fixed.

How to Fix a Furnace That Won't Start?

Are you wondering why “my heater won't turn on?” To fix or reset the air heater, you need to check it for the underlying issues we discussed earlier to make sure you get to the core of the problem. While you can diagnose the issues on your own, it is best to let professionals handle the fixing part – you don't want to risk ruining a system worth thousands of dollars to save a couple of bucks with the repairs and restoration.

Here are the usual suspects that often need fixing:

Сheck the Circuit Breakers

If your gas furnace won't turn on but nothing seems to be wrong with it (perhaps it was working just fine the previous day), then you should take a look at the circuit breakers. They are often installed as safety installations to halt the working of household appliances like boilers if the electric supply surges beyond safe levels.

Сheck the Thermostat Settings

Did you set the thermostat right? Many people who complain “why is my furnace not turning on" have nothing to worry about. People often rush to check the filter or other components but tend to ignore the most basic of things – the temperature settings! If you have not configured/set the system correctly, there's no point in checking the rest of it.

Check If Oven Filters Are Clean

The filters can take a serious beating from all the dust and dirt in the air – and if you don't maintain your system well, you may come to a stage where your heater will not turn on. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can ensure that your system runs optimally and without any issues.

Сheck Your Pilot Light

If the pilot light is not on, then this means that the gas supply has been cut off which is why your HVAC won't turn on. For many people who ask “why won't my furnace blower turn on,” this is the actual reason.

Сheck Fan Motor

Another culprit is the fan motor which can malfunction – and if you’re wondering how to fix a furnace that won't start in such a situation, it would be best to let a professional technician take charge here.

Сheck Stove Ignition Switch

Lastly, you should also check the stove ignition switch – it being off is one of the most common reasons why the furnace won't turn on.

Hopefully, now you can better understand “why isn't my heater turning on?”

Get in Touch for Quality Heating Repair Services

We hear many complaints from our clients like, “why won't my electric furnace turn on?" Hopefully, this guide has given you some perspective on why your home heater won't turn on, and if that is indeed the case, don’t wait for the issue to deteriorate. Call the professional staff at Smart Air Cooling and Heating over for a timely and thorough repair to ensure the longevity of your furnace and to keep things running smoothly even after we’re done. 

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