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Smart Air Service Company takes a comprehensive approach in that we consider all the services that we offer, utilizing our experience with those services, to create a solution that best suits each individual’s needs and budget.Our goal is to provide a complete solution that provides comfort, clean air, cost savings and energy efficiency.Our stance is not just system replacement, weatherization, insulation, or service.We create a tailor-made product based on our analysis.

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Complete HVAC System Repair

  • We are familiar with a variety of brands & are capable of servicing them
  • Our technicians are factory trained with the latest information
  • NATE certified technicians will work with you and your needs
  • We conduct background checks on our technicians
  • A complete diagnostic is conducted on your current and future HVAC system
  • We are heavily involved in the Green movement and our company promotes energy efficiency

Complete HVAC System Replacement

  • We are an authorized trained dealer
  • We take a comprehensive approach to determine the unique requirements for each home.
  • We perform manual J load calculations to determine the correct size of the air condition system you need
  • We perform at a level which exceeds local and national building codes
  • We can calculate return on investment

Complete HVAC System Rejuvenation

  • The CURE is our motto: Clean Units, Restore Efficiency
  • We evaluate the HVAC System’s current condition to determine if the system needs to be replaced

  • Energy Efficient Audits

    • BPI certified to perform energy efficiency audits
    • This service provides a comprehensive analysis of current energy efficiency status of your home and a detailed diagnostic for recommended improvements
    • We are a participating company in the Austin Energy program and are well-versed on existing programs, and we are constantly staying abreast of current developments in technology and state and federal efficiency programs
  • Insulation

    We are educated in the DOE insulation requirements and have the ability to assess current levels and make improvements as necessary. Request Weatherization and Insulation services now!

  • Weatherization

    We utilize testing equipment and industry expertise to determine efficiency levels of a residence, and based on those numbers recommend improvements for optimal performance. Request Weatherization and Insulation services now!

  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Control

    • We take a comprehensive approach to assess all aspects of a home that can contribute to poor indoor air quality, such as building materials in the home, bedding, carpeting, pets, outdoor allergies and pollutants
    • We are licensed to provide mechanical ventilation to drastically improve indoor air quality