The CURE – System Maintenance

Smart Air = Clean Air

Duct Cleaning
Cleaning ducts alone will not do anything to increase the efficiency of your system. Only when you clean the entire system can efficiency be restored, and in some cases even improved. When you clean your ducts, the SJP needs to be performed. A comprehensive inspection of your AC system by a licensed company is recommended by the EPA.

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Weatherization and Proper Filtration
Improve your home’s energy efficiency by reducing uncontrolled outside air infiltration, which reduces energy costs by heating or cooling only the air that is in your home. We help seal the home from unauthorized outdoor air penetration, forcing more of the incoming air through the proper ventilation and filtration system.

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Mechanical Ventilation
Weatherization and proper filtration, when utilized with mechanical ventilation, can treat the air coming in, thereby dramatically improving indoor air quality. Proper sealing and mechanical ventilation procedures are the only way to maximize the efficiency of the home, dramatically improve indoor air quality and control moisture levels in the home. Sealing the home greatly reduces the ability of insects and other vermin to enter your home.

Reducing humidity through mechanical ventilation lessens the amount of:

  • Allergies
  • Dust Mites
  • Outdoor Allergen Penetration
  • Pollutants

UV Lighting

We can drastically improve indoor air quality by forcing required outdoor air through filtration and ultraviolet lighting. UV lighting eliminates microbial growths, viruses and odor.

Smart Air Service Company is a participating company in the Austin Energy Home Performance with Energy Star Program, and can provide expert consulting services to establish a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy that suits your home and your indoor air quality needs.

**We’re not selling snake oil here or one size fits all. We offer a comprehensive approach.