Smart Air Testimonials: What You Can Expect

The following customer reviews are taken directly from Yelp

Unlike products, service is really hard to evaluate until after it’s complete, which may be too late. For example, if you read up on A/C systems, you will learn that proper installation is just as important as good equipment. So you can read Yelp like we did. And hopefully you will subsequently leave a review too, like this:

Problem: furnace ignition.
Solution: Shane returned our call promptly, gave us an option of a Sunday visit for time-and-a-half or a first thing Monday visit (we chose the latter), showed up on time, diagnosed our problem quickly, and fixed the issue within minutes. We didn’t really comparison shop so I don’t know if his rate is competitive, but we spent about $165 for the service and a brand new part, which seemed pretty fair. He was fast, friendly, and efficient. What more can you ask for?

M.B.Austin, TX

My furnace died just as Austin was heading towards a hard freeze. I got a very high quote from another company and started calling around for someone who could give me a second opinion on short notice. Everyone was booked. Smart Air was too, apparently, but given the circumstances Shane was willing to come by in the evening and take a look at my furnace.

Shane was very thorough, and seemed not at all bothered by the fact that I was hovering anxiously. He was happy to answer my questions and he explained exactly what he was seeing and what he thought the problem was.

The problem? Dust. Whoever owned my home before me had never used an air filter (!!) so my unit was excessively dusty. It had caused the circuit board to fail. Shane cleaned off the board and got the furnace working. It failed again two days later (Shane warned me it might, I was just trying to be cheap) and he was able to come out and replace the board that day.

Compared to the original quote I received from another company, Smart Air saved me a lot of money on parts. Their labor charges were reasonable.

As a property manager, I have dealt with a number of HVAC companies in town, and Smart Air was by far the most all-around positive experience I have had. They will be the first place I call if I ever have AC or furnace trouble in the future.

Greg T.Austin, TX

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