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A client’s unit that was showing AC problems has been opened up for maintenance and repair

Air Conditioner Not Working? Here Are 10 Reasons Why

You must understand why your air conditioner is not working before you ask someone to fix it. The devil is in the details; knowing the root cause can help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
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An intricate layout of piping on the floor for hydronic heating system installation for a client

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hydronic Heating

Are you curious why hydronic heating is a safer and healthier alternative to other forms of heating mechanisms? In this article, we’ll explore the working principles behind hydronic heating.
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HVAC contractors repairing air conditioning units with proper tools

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring the Best HVAC Company

An HVAC system offers year-round performance and requires regular maintenance for proper functioning. In times of need, make sure to hire a top HVAC Company for better services.
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Austin Energy Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

Austin Energy Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

We make sure that you get help with your Austin energy rebates and federal tax credits when you work with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating so that you can get your money back and file correctly.
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20 Tips for Home Energy Savings

20 Proven & Tested Tips for Saving Energy in Your Home

We make sure that you get the 20 tips for home energy savings when you would like to work with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating in Austin on services and new installations.
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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient with Smart Air

When we offer you energy efficient options at Smart Air Cooling and Heating, we can guarantee that you will save money on utilities for your Austin home or business’ HVAC system.
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System Maintence

The CURE for Your HVAC Issues – System Maintenance

We offer system maintenance that checks for small problems in your HVAC system at your Austin home or business. We can solve small problems before they get out of control.
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