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We make sure that we are on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry when working with our customers. Check out our Smart Lab and Shane’s Research to learn more.

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Welcome To Our New Modern Website!

Be the first one to visit the new Smart Air Cooling and Heating website! We revamped the structure, created a fresh, modern design, and added more content to make your browsing experience easier and better.
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Austin Energy Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

We make sure that you get help with your Austin energy rebates and federal tax credits when you work with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating so that you can get your money back and file correctly.
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20 Tips for Home Energy Savings

We make sure that you get the 20 tips for home energy savings when you would like to work with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating in Austin on services and new installations.
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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

When we offer you energy efficient options at Smart Air Cooling and Heating, we can guarantee that you will save money on utilities for your Austin home or business’ HVAC system.
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Federal and Austin Energy Rebates

We make sure that you know how to get your federal and Austin energy rebates when you are working with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating on a new installation or eco-friendly system.
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The CURE – System Maintenance

We offer system maintenance that checks for small problems in your HVAC system at your Austin home or business. We can solve small problems before they get out of control.
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Greening Your Home | HVAC News

We make sure that you are greening your home when you want to be more efficient and save money. Contact us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating for assistance with eco-friendly services.
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