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Greening Your Home | Stay Up to Date with the Latest HVAC News

We make sure that you are greening your home when you want to be more efficient and save money. Contact us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating for assistance with eco-friendly services.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency by reducing uncontrolled outside air infiltration, which reduces energy costs by heating or cooling only the air that is in your home. We help seal the home from unauthorized outdoor air penetration. Proper sealing and mechanical ventilation procedures are the only way to maximize the efficiency of the home, dramatically improve indoor air quality and control moisture levels in the home. Sealing the home greatly reduces the ability of insects and other vermin to enter your home.

The less your unit needs to run, the more money you save and the less impact it has on the environment. Weatherization can qualify for up to 75% rebates of the initial investment!

Calculate your carbon footprint
Energy Savings Calculator  Check the ROI on existing and new appliances to see your savings
Go Green Initiative
Austin Energy  Rebates
Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO)
Energy Star Federal tax credits for consumer energy efficiency