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Save Up on Energy Bills with Our Air Duct Sealing Service

Protect your air conditioning system and lower your electricity bills by requesting our high-quality air duct sealing services. Get in touch with us today!

If you’re worried about your energy bills spiking unexplainably every month, you need to get in touch with professionals for an air duct sealing service. We often forget how important it is to maintain and get the air ducts checked on a regular basis. Over time, the ducts get damaged or loose; natural degradation is totally normal, especially in hot climates, like in Austin, Texas. This leads to air leakage and, eventually, to an increase in your electricity bills by making your system work on it’s highest capacity for a prolonged period of time. Lucky for you, our professional team specializes in Ductwork Solutions.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

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The air duct system plays an important role in distributing hot or cold air throughout your home. It’s crucial to get a duct sealing service from a company focused on improving household energy efficiency and comfort.

Here are the benefits of choosing our duct sealing service:

  • Improves Air Quality: Dirt, debris, and chemical fumes can enter the duct system causing many problems, such as asthma and dry cough. A proper HVAC duct sealing service allows you to have better air quality at your home or office.
  • Saves Energy Costs: According to the latest statistics, the majority of residential duct systems have about 20% - 30% duct leakage. To improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system, a duct sealing service is a must. Sealing the air duct can significantly lower your electricity bill. 
  • Safety: An HVAC duct sealing service does not only provide comfort but also safety to you and your family members. The leakages may release unconditioned air to the indoors rather than outside, leading to poor indoor air quality and possible health complications. 

Contact Smart Air Cooling and Heating

Getting professional HVAC duct sealing services from a trusted company will improve your air conditioning system’s performance for many years. The professional technicians on board with us at Smart Air Cooling and Heating use the latest techniques and are highly skilled to handle every mastic duct sealing project. Our services are available all over Austin, TX and surrounding areas, such as:

  • Westlake
  • Rolling Wood
  • Dripping Springs
  • Buda

For more information on duct sealing cost, contact us through our website or call us at 512-600-4311.

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