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Our Expert Technicians

The HVAC industry is currently experiencing changes that have not been seen in previous years, which includes energy-efficient and earth-friendly products as well as addressing indoor air quality. Smart Air is different. Why? Because we research and stay ahead of the curve to offer the best possible HVAC solutions for your home or business. Established commercial standards have raised the bar for our residential customers, allowing us to provide the same excellence of air quality and service to our business customers. Our heating and AC services in Austin are available 24/7!

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Our technicians have exceeded the licensing and training requirements of the Texas HVAC energy efficiency industry. All of our service technicians pass rigorous background checks to ensure their training is up to par with our requirements, thus increasing our ability to serve you. When we come to your home or place of business, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is in the best possible hands. Our technicians’ compensation is not based on commission and they take a great deal of pride in their work.

We have established our business through a consistent customer-base referral system. We will work hard to earn your trust and confidence. In return, we give you our knowledge and experience while conducting our business with honesty and integrity. As our track record shows, we find the problem and fix it, and will not automatically tack on unnecessary charges. You have our word: we will never up-charge you. If we feel additional services are required, you will be informed in advance and given the reason, in writing.

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