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Don’t let summer heat sneak up on you. Get fast, quality air conditioning service from Smart Air Cooling and Heating, Austin, TX’s HVAC professionals. Stay cool this season!

Most people only think about calling for home AC service when something goes wrong. But being smart about the health of your air conditioning system can extend the life of your HVAC system and prevent small issues from becoming larger costly ones. Your air conditioner is also a big contributor to your monthly utility bills. Keeping it in good shape can actually save you money by keeping your energy bills down. 

A split unit opened up for problem diagnosis and effective air conditioning service

What is Air Conditioning Service?

Your air conditioning system circulates cool air in your house through a series of ducts. Over time, mold, bacteria, dust, and indoor allergens can build up, lowering the air quality in your house.That’s why it’s important to keep your system clean and running efficiently. Scheduling air conditioning service at least twice a year keeps these ducts clean, preventing clogs or grimy build-up. This can be especially important if you have pets or allergies. Remember, with central air, the air in your house is constantly recirculating. If you have dirty air, you may not even notice anything right away. But if you find yourself getting stuffed up or getting red, itchy eyes when you’re at home, it’s probably time to call. 

What Happens when you go from the Central Heating Service to Air Conditioning Service?

Most AC companies recommend air conditioning service any time you are getting ready to turn your AC on for the season. Schedule your appointment with a professional HVAC technician a month or so before you expect to turn the air on. Think of it as a chore, like cleaning the gutters or getting your car’s oil change. 

When you call Smart Air Cooling and Heating for home AC service, a professional HVAC technician will talk to you about all the possible solutions. Air conditioning service twice a year ensures you won’t be making a call for emergency AC service in the middle of August.  And your allergies will thank you.

Our professionals offer a thorough air conditioning service

Why Use Smart Air Cooling and Heating AC Service?

At Smart Air Cooling and Heating, we take indoor air quality seriously. Our professional HVAC technicians stay on top of all HVAC market innovations, so we can recommend the most modern heating or cooling solutions available. 

Don’t get stuck without AC in the Texas heat. Call today to set up your Home AC Service. Smart Air Cooling and Heating is based in Austin, and services all surrounding areas, including:

  • Westlake, TX 
  • Rolling Wood, TX 
  • Dripping Springs, TX 
  • Buda, TX. 

Choose Air Conditioning Service For Your Home And Business

With the wide range of our tailored options, we meet your every need in the air conditioning service. Browse through our experts’ offerings.

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Our Process

Here is what we will do to repair your HVAC system.

  • Gather Information

  • process Walk-through with a Team member

  • Confirm Appointment with our Certified Service technician

  • Confirmation Call 30 minutes prior to arrival

  • technician will diagnose and offer available repair options

  • Scope of Work is Approved by You

  • We fix it!

  • Continue to perform full system diagnostics

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