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Keep Cool During the Summer with AC Installation in Austin, TX

Smart Air Cooling and Heating is a team of experienced technicians specializing in a complete range of residential and commercial HVAC services including AC installation to help you keep your property cool.

Here are some helpful tips from air conditioning service specialists:

Choose the right spot for your AC Unit! Without professional advice, you will definitely struggle to find an adequate placement for your new AC unit. Trust experts with finding the best place in your space for a mini split AC installation. 

Did you know that new units and professional AC installation will help you get lower electricity bills? At Smart Air Cooling and Heating, we know everything about energy-efficient AC units.  Our goal is to make mini split and central AC installation as simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free as possible for you.

Trust Our Specialists with AC Installation Service

The team of experienced technicians at Smart Air Cooling and Heating always endeavors to help you get the highest quality AC installation service at the time when you need it most. All our specialists are NATE-certified, and we always have crews available to complete your installation in the time slot that fits your schedule. 

In this way, with timely installation and proper maintenance, we ensure that even the hottest day in Austin will be a breeze for you. This is the key benefit of choosing a professional mini split AC installation: a cool space, even during the most extreme heat. And if you worry about the budget, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive financing options and various promotional offers.

A customer relaxing on a sofa, under AC installation put in place by Smart Air Cooling and Heating

Meet Your Reliable Home AC Installation Team!

At Smart Air Cooling and Heating, we know just how hot weather in Austin can get. But we believe that you should be able to relax during the summer and enjoy cool comfort at home or office. This is why we offer premier AC installation service to all major Austin, TX areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Buda
  • Dripping Springs
  • Rolling Wood
  • Westlake

Get a personalized quote for a mini split or central AC installation, maintenance, or service! Call us now: 512-500-4311!


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